Hi! I'm Courtney; wife, mom, and budding photographer. In a previous life, I owned and operated a boutique retail business, but life after retail looks a little different. Now, my days are filled with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, kissing boo-boos, little dogs, little kids, and a recent head-first dive into portrait and lifestyle photography. 

I am a self-proclaimed dabbler; a taste-tester. If I haven't tried it yet, I will. I want to wear as many hats and try as many things in my days as I can. I live by faith and trust in the next great thing God has for my story. 

I'm a self proclaimed dabbler; a taste-tester. If I haven't tried it yet, I will.

the lady behind the camera

the people behind the lady behind the camera

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Who am I without my squad? These are my people. They make up my story; my past, my present and my future. Let's start with the most handsome one. 

Stockton is my husband and boyfriend (yes, both). We've been inseparable for over a decade and I love the family and life we've made together. Our kids, our pets, our faith; we've seen good times and we've seen hard times. We make a good team.

Navy, Knox and Brighton are my shining lights. They're the reason I pour myself into this profession; because they make fantastic models AND I get to stay home with them as a photographer. It's the best of both worlds. Navy loves to read, Knox loves back rubs and Brighton loves to sleep and eat (kindred spirits, indeed).